Whovian Running Club is pleased to announce our fourth event of 2017:
The Villains VI Miler!
We’ve highlighted The Doctor’s home, his marvelous sonic screwdriver, and his faithful companions…now it’s time to go after the villains!
This large 3″ x 4″ medal is the fourth and final event in the “Galgos Series” and features more than twenty of the most famous villains the Doctor ever faced….and the Adipose (they weren’t villains, but they’re so cool, we couldn’t help ourselves)!
This Van Gogh-inspired medal comes with a beautiful “Starry-Night” sublimated ribbon and your own personalized digital bib.
Remember, this is the forth and final step in becoming a “Defender of Galgos” and earning vital Whovian Cup points for your Team!
All proceeds from this event, and the entire Galgos Series, will go to support two incredible charities working in Spain to save the lives of Spanish Greyhounds…better known as Galgos. SOS GALGOS (oficial) and Galgos del Sol are the foremost organizations working to rescue and educate the Spanish public about these amazing animals. Please visit www.SOSGalgos.com and www.GalgosDelSol.org to learn more about what your participation will accomplish!
And don’t forget to get your event shirt! Continuing with the Van Gogh theme of the medal, we have given you an exploding WRC logo! In bold gold, be prepared to be noticed as you run down the street…try not to be too mad when they slow down your training pace to ask you where you got your shirt. Pause your tracker and tell them all about the Whovian Running Club and the beautiful dogs you are helping by wearing it! All proceeds from the shirts will go to SOS Galgos and Galgos Del Sol! https://www.booster.com/villians-vi-miler
The suggested run date for this event is Friday, July 7th…the birthday of the incredible Jon Pertwee…the Third Doctor! This is just a fun suggestion…you are welcome to complete your six miles whenever you want! All medals will be mailed the week of July 10th.
Ready to run? Just click on “SIGN UP” above or go directly to the Events.com page: https://events.com/r/en_US/registration/villains-vi-miler-june-81925

Sign up today and Run for the Galgos!