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The way forward to make any significant change to the situation in Spain lies in education – animal welfare education to children in schools. There is evidence to show a link between cruelty to animals and violence in society towards fellow human beings, and we firmly believe that such a link can be broken through education. Keeping animals safe helps keep people safe also. Raising awareness about animals’ needs, promoting responsible ownership and condemning abandonment are all concepts that enable children to experience feelings of compassion and respect, vital tools which will accompany them throughout all their lives and make them into better all-round citizens.

So at SOS Galgos we believe that education is the basis for change in animal welfare. It is a commitment to empathy, to encourage compassion towards suffering, for active participation in changing the things we do not like about the world around us. It is also an investment, but one those who govern find it hard to acknowledge as worth-while. Spending on such education is currently being cut back, without any regard for what this will cost in societal terms in the future. We are not going to follow this general trail, we will continue investing resources in this effort and will do so tirelessly. And we want to count on you for it.

The educational workshops organized by SOS Galgos are events where we deal with topics such as the importance and function of microchip identification through a role-playing game that starts with a lost galgo; the plight surrounding the galgo; why dog pounds are so overcrowded; why choose to adopt rather than buy; the cost in time and money of looking after a pet; the importance of neutering; how to interpret a dog’s body language and interact with one respectfully. These are just some of the issues addressed. We also try to encourage children not to want a dog for Christmas but to instill in them the notion that a dog is for life, with all the commitments and responsibilities that go with it.

Fifteen years have passed since we took our first steps in raising awareness among young people about the plight of domestic animals; fifteen years of visits to schools, to educate through love and respect for them . Our galgo William was SOS Galgos’ first ambassador and helped children appreciate the temperament of these greyhounds, and that all animals have as much a right to have a decent life as humans do. After William left us, many adopted galgos have accompanied us to these workshops. If you would like us to come visit your school please contact us by writing to





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