The SOS Galgos team

The Board Directors of SOS Galgos is formed by great Galgos lovers.

UMBERTO GIACOMELLI, President of SOS Galgos.

An Animal lover in general, and dogs in particular, he learned to know about Galgo, through the involvement in the SOS Galgos association of his wife, Silvia Puig. After rounds of happy adoptions (three, at the moment) he has a full and enthusiastic involvement in the generous work of the association. Umberto is responsible for the management and updating of the website’s association, with special attention to the section on “Galgos in adoption”.

SILVIA PUIG, Secretary of the Board’s Directors.

Silvia started as a volunteer, walking Galgos recently arrived or in process of delivery for adoption. It soon became a “foster home” and, from there to adoption, the passage was brief. Their involvement, willingness to collaborate and understand with Director Anna, led the Board to appoint the Secretary

JORDI SAN MARTIN, Treasurer of SOS Galgos.

Jordi is the one who must face the complex task that the funds can help as much as possible Galgos. He owns a Galgo female named Nebula and together with his companion Emi, Secretary former of SOS Galgos, they are great defenders of Galgos and always have their home open for Galgos with special needs like Mel. His professional ability makes us proud to have them among us.

ALBERT SORDÉ, CEO & co-founder of SOS Galgos and Director of the veterinary clinic “Tres Vet”.

Alberto was very involved in the legislative issues of the Official College of Veterinarians of Barcelona, whose Board of Governors he was treasurer and a member representative of pet veterinarians. Albert spends much of his time struggling to improve the level of protection of pets, something very necessary in Spain.

ANNA CLEMENTS, General Director and co-founder of SOS Galgos.

Anna was a teacher for nine years and a teacher trainer for four years. For years she combined her work with speaks in schools on the protection of animals, which she continues to do together with the Local Police of “Esplugues”. She left the teaching to devote herself body and soul to the protection of the galgos, although her training as an educator is very important to achieve one of the objectives of SOS Galgos: that future generations be more respectful with animals.

RALPH YEREX, SOS Galgos USA manager






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