Our social objectives

Help needy Galgos, rescue them and give them up for adoption.

Work to change laws and improve the level of protection of pets.

Educate and sensitize people about how wonderful the Galgo is as a companion animal.

Encourage solidarity, involving people so that everyone can do their bit.

By Klea Levin

SOS Galgos in action

1. Collect retired Galgos and other domestic animals in situations of commercial, sports or abandonment, to welcome them in a safe place.

2. Provide the health, welfare and veterinary assistance conditions for Galgos and other domestic animals awaiting adoption.

3. Promote the adoption of Galgos and other domestic animals to qualified persons.

4. Provide support and continuing education to owners of Galgos and other domestic animals.

5. Strive to make the public aware of the availability and interest of Galgos as companion animals and inform the public of their abusive situation.

6. Increase public awareness of the needs of companion animals, and the importance of responsible ownership to promote animal welfare in general.

7. Promote the participation of people with physical or mental disabilities in the work of welcoming Galgos and other pets, as well as in the promotion of their possession as pets.

8. Promote informative talks and periodic visits to schools, hospitals, geriatric centers and other centers where Galgos and other companion animals can serve as a model and help for the welfare of people.





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