Adopting a greyhound is an excellent decision, but it must be a well-considered and responsible decision.

A greyhound is not a stuffed animal. It can live for many years and you should be aware that your commitment has to last the whole of the animal’s life.

You should also bear in mind that, as with any pet, owning a greyhound entails a series of financial responsibilities and dedication on your part.

If you decide to adopt or host a greyhound you will have our support.

We conduct a preliminary interview, give advice and provide continued support to the adopter during the pre-adoption period, helping you with all the means at our disposal to deal with any adoption problems that may arise.

Before adopting, you must take into account:

• On holidays or weekends, you must adapt your vacation to the animal (such as camping, or hotels where animals are accepted) or you must take it to a residence.

• You will have a series of expenses for food, veterinarians, accessories.

• You should dedicate time each day, give attention, walk.

• Your garden should have a fence or net at least 2 meters high.

• Your house and/or garden can suffer some damage.





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