Greyhounds convey peace and calm, and walking them is a pleasure since they do not usually pull on the leash. You can walk completely at your own pace.

Thousands of owners can testify to their suitability as good pets. The purpose of this section is to give you more information about this breed so that, should you contemplate adopting a rescued dog at some point in the future, you will have enough facts about greyhounds to enable you to choose one as your new companion.

You should be aware that greyhounds are a breed that enjoys company; the company of another dog is sufficient to avert the problem of loneliness. Given their scarce reserves of fat, greyhounds like to lie down in a soft and comfortable spot and since they have very keen eyesight, they like to be in a slightly elevated position so as to gain an overall view of their surroundings – which makes a sofa an ideal vantage point!

As a rule, when accompanied by another dog an adult greyhound sleeps most of the day. It is really quite lazy and in this respect behaves more like a big cat than a dog





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