On the 6th October we will be pleased to be participate in the annual canine event ESTIMADA MASCOTA, the Dog Show for hounds from all over Catalunya. Hope to see you there!


The greatest show of affection between man and his best friend in Barcelona

Year after year, this fun event not only aims to entertain adults and children, it also has a mission to focus the public’s attention on more serious issues: the importance of animal rights, the needs and workings of kennels and animal protection associations throughout the country and the care and wellbeing that should be afforded to man’s best friend.

For this reason, the event is much more than just a Dog Show. Instead it is a huge gathering of animal associations, refuges, hospitals and clinics, dog handlers, canine groomers, dog food suppliers and all the other animal services you can imagine. All these come together to raise awareness and hep eradicate the mistreatment of animals which unfortunately still occurs in our society, such as the abandonment of animals during the holidays and other abuses.

ESTIMADA MASCOTA is aiming to become one of the few events in the city which, apart from being FREE to enter, can also be attended with animals, making this afternoon event the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time in Barcelona with your pets.