We are extremely grateful to our good friend Melanie Andrada for filming and editing this video about the Strasbourg Greyhound Demonstration, organized by the French greyhound association CREL, which we attended in June of 2012.

We would also like to thank Jérôme Guillot, president of CREL, the MEP Michèle Striffler, and all the people and animal protection groups who participated and gave their support.


It is estimated that every year in Spain, some 60,000 greyhounds (galgos) are disposed of by hunters. These animals are literally used and thrown away, as can be seen by the huge numbers of abandoned dogs in rural areas (Andalucia, Extremadura and the two Castillian provinces) from February onwards, when the hunting season ends.

Spanish and international animal welfare organizations have spent years denouncing the terrible plight of the greyhounds, yet the local and national authorities refuse to listen and find a solution to the problem of hunting with greyhounds in Spain. Now, thanks to an initiative by the French greyhound association CREL, these various animal welfare groups have united to march in front of the European Parliament and protest about the tragedy that is the life of a Spanish hunting greyhound.

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