Today we received this message from Lidia, the vet who adopted Lolita.

“As you can see, my dog has completely changed. So much in fact that she actually isn’t Lolita any more, we have called her Duna (from the sand dunes in the desert). Both Llorenç and I absolutely adore her. Her rehabilitation has taken a long time, but finally we can say that Duna is a normal dog though she is still very wary. Something to be expected after all she has been through.

Her leg is completely healed, there is no sign of osteomyelitis (infected bone).., and the most important thing is that at home she is just like a regular dog, she follows us around, she wants us to pet her (and she’s asking for attention always!), and she’s “greedy”, always looking for something to eat. But there is no way she will ever weigh more than 20kg however much she eats!

Her recovery began with the arrival of the kitten that you can see in one of the photos. We don’t know if it’s because she saw the cat wandering around the house or what happened, but Duna started to do the same. She finally realized that nothing would happen if she went out of her room. In fact in some photos you can see the mess she makes when we leave her by herself (she goes into the kitchen and takes whatever she can!)

Well, in the end this little story is to thank you Anna and everyone at SOS Galgos for everything that you are doing for these wonderful animals. I wish we had more space to adopt another galgo because I have not regretted one moment.

And I’d also encourage everyone reading this to adopt as well. The happiness that you feel every day that you see them getting better and better… is incredible!

Kisses to you all and let’s keep in touch.”