MEP Mme. Michèle Striffler has prepared a draft Written Declaration DC/933037EN to be approved by the European Parliament, calling for “an immediate end to the torture and mistreatment of greyhounds in Europe.” This political iniciative was accompanied by demonstrations in Strasbourg, Madrid and Barcelona attended by over 2000 people.

In order to garner support from the maximum number of MEPs, we ask that you send a copy of the example letter we have prepared, by writing to at least one MEP from the MEP List provided using the Example Letter below as a guide.

Add your name, country and identity/passport number. Attach the Written Declaration and the Signature Form. And then send it off before July 13. Please do not to cc several MEPs at once but write to the ones of your choice separately.

The deadline for signature of the Declaration is 13 July. We have to act quickly therefore, so that the process of its adoption can go forward.

Example Letter

Dear Mr / Ms ……… ,

I am writing to you to ask you for your support for a draft Declaration calling for better enforcement of the law relating to the mistreatment of greyhounds in Europe.

The Declaration in question is that proposed by Mme. STRIFFLER (Nº0006/2013) and co-signed by MEPs from all political groups. For it to be adopted, it has to be signed by a majority of Members, and that before the deadline of 13 July.

The need for this Declaration is the continued mistreatment of greyhounds by (mostly) Spanish hunters. These poor animals are dispatched without ceremony at the end of the hunting season, often in barbaric circumstances – they are hung, thrown into wells or dragged behind cars during training. Apart from the unacceptability of these practices in a modern-day Europe, such mistreatment clearly contravenes Article 13 of the TFEU and can in no way be justified under any of the cultural exceptions foreseen by that article.

In order to sign the draft Declaration, either go to the 2nd floor of the Strasbourg building office nº LOW T2024, in Brussels office nº ASP 06D075, or simply complete the attached form and send it to the email address indicated therein.

Your support in this worthy cause will be very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,