Talco es cariñoso por naturaleza. Le gusta saber donde estás y satisfacer esa curiosidad a tu lado. Le encanta jugar, así que, en un sitio bien vallado, se lo puede pasar en grande corriendo de un sitio al otro; pero al cabo de cinco minutos, exhausto, vuelve encantado al sofá.
Acepta a otros perros pero le gusta más la compañía humana. Actualmente está conviviendo con tres gatos.

Talco is sweet-natured and very affectionate. He needs to know what you are doing and will follow you around to satisfy his curiosity. He LOVES to play, so in a safe enclosed space he runs and runs. In 5 minutes he is exhausted and then it’s back to the sofa, or if you are moving he will come to see why.
He accepts other dogs but prefers human company.
He needs to be let out to relieve himself first thing in the morning but let’s you know by a little quiet whimper.
He currently lives with 3 cats.
He loves to be stroked on the throat!


Como puedes comprobar, Talco es realmente amigo de los gatos.

Talco is as you can see, totally cat safe.